The binary options trading world is slowly becoming overwhelmed not just with thousands of new traders, but also with new trading platforms emerging in the field day after day. All of these trading platforms offer quite similar services, and none of them is ideal for everyone. Whether the trading platform is going to suit your trading style, needs and possibilities depend on many aspects. Still, roughly divided, it is possible to rate each of them by evaluating some very important aspect for every trader. Correct evaluation of trading platform is, also, necessary due to avoiding many fraudulent trading software present out there.


When reviewing some recently released trading system, we usually value its level of professionalism, traders’ experiences and overall satisfaction, a wide collection of available features and, of course, actual success rates.
In this review, we have dissected one relatively new trading system established by Jason Taylor and his colleagues. His binary options trading software called Brit Method quickly gained significant popularity, but it was also reviewed as scam several times. We decided to check it up ourselves and come up with the final verdict.

Is BM legit and how does it work?

During the testing period, we checked up many factors, including the identity of the owner, licenses and applied regulations of every offered broker company, agreements with various banks necessary for every profit withdrawal and several other aspects. The conclusion is pretty clear. BM system is fully legit, legal and well regulated.

It functions as binary options trading platform with powerful, high-performing trading software and several trustworthy broker experts associated with software.

Underlying statistical and mathematical algorithms that software uses to analyze the market and predict fluctuations of the prices make this application one of the most accurate, fast and effective trading applications currently available. The risk levels are minimized and the platform has pretty strong safety regulations.

Some of the best features of this software

Probably the most convenient feature of the aspect of an average new, inexperienced trader is a demo version of the software. BM gives you the opportunity to practice your skills, test your trading knowledge and get familiar with the general rules of trading at the market via demo version and simulations of the trading process with the virtual money. When you feel ready for the real deal, just make an initial deposit of 300 dollars, choose your broker and start trading.


An available collection of assets you can invest your money into is amazing. This platform covers four major markets and several thousand different assets. Also, you can make your initial deposit at the website of several broker companies. All of them are trustworthy, regulated and have a good reputation among traders.
Aside from strict safety measurement when it comes to protecting client’s data and personal account, BM has the team of account managers dedicated to solving all technical aspects of every customer’s account. Plus, kind, professional and responsive customer service is available pretty much all the time.

To sum it all up…

After testing period, actual trading with this software and proving their success rates of 90%, our overall impression is highly positive. If you still have any doubts left, we suggest you give it a chance. This trading platform keeps their promise of giving all your money back if you are not satisfied after two months of trading.